Why Work With Us?

  • We save you so much money with our expert negotiation, that it more than covers our fee. That means not only is everything done for you, but it costs less to use us than if you did it on your own. *
  • We work nationwide and we are confident we can get you the best deal on the exact car you want in any city in the U.S.
  • We remove all the hassles and headaches with buying a new car and our goal is to have your car hand delivered to your home or workplace
  • We negotiate on every profit center the dealer has so you are saving money everywhere not just the sticker price.
  • All of our negotiators have management experience in dealerships and know every tactic there is so you know you are getting the best deal.
  • We can also help you on the financing part of the car purchase and work with your credit history to make sure you have low payments. 
  • We have hundreds of positive online reviews and have been reviewed by Edmunds, ABC, Smart Money and many more
  • Unlike traditional car brokers we get zero commissions from the dealerships allowing us to advocate for you 100% with no conflicts. 

* We save an average of $3,997 per car deal which is almost 4x our service fee.