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Tuesday Testimonials! | Car Buying Concierges | Authority Auto

Posted by Jessi Meehan on Sep 24, 2013

ElsieHuertaThis week our Tuesday Testimonial comes from our client Elsie H. Our new specialist Dana helped her get into her new BMW 328. Here's what she had to say about her experience:


There are not enough words to describe how fortunate I am to have worked with Dana at Authority Auto!   From day one she made the process very personable. She listened, she cared and she kept me informed about every step!  I found the car of my dreams and I thank Dana for helping me make that dream happen. I will never buy a car without Authority Auto. It was the easiest way to buy a new car. I knew I was going to save money and find the best price for the car I wanted. Well worth every penny

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