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Tuesday Testimonials! | Car Brokers | Authority Auto

Posted by Kate Chavers on Jul 21, 2015

Here is a testiminomial from Ruta S. of Savannah, GA who recently bought a 2015 Honda Civic.

"I have used Authority Auto twice now, having said after the first time that I would never again buy a new car without them.   
First off all, the obvious reason to choose them is the outstanding service they offer of locating the exact car you want, negotiating the best possible deal (including any trade-in), and arranging all the paperwork for you so you don't even have to step into a dealership until the final signing process. This service COMPLETELY eliminates the stress of spending days or weeks running from dealership to dealership, comparing and remembering prices and hoping the salesmen will not continue to harass you with calls or emails. You simply get to relax at home while Authority Auto makes the deals come to you. 
For both of the cars I have purchased with them, I received significant savings - far, far more than I would have been able to negotiate myself - because they know the business and what additional or hidden fees go into the selling price of a car. In addition, the turnaround was around 1 week or less for each car. Dana, who I worked with the first time and requested the second time, was exceptionally friendly, quick, concise, attentive, and thorough. She kept me in the loop, constantly giving me feedback on what was available to me and how much she was sure to save me.
In the end, their service price paid for itself a million times over - not only by saving me thousands, but also getting me two new cars completely stress-free and incredibly fast!
I recommended this company to numerous coworkers and friends and I promise you will never regret working with their wonderful customer service."


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