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10 Surefire Tips to Save Money and Have a Better Car Buying Experience.

Save Time and Money

Do you despise the car buying experience? Do you always feel as if you’re spending way too much money on the car or any of its features? It always seems to leave you with an unsettling feeling when you walk out of the dealership.

Here at Authority Auto, we’ve compiled 10 surefire tips to help you save money and improve your overall car buying experience.

In this tip sheet you can expect to:
  • Learn what profit centers to negotiate.
  • Learn on how to capitalize on “End of the month” purchases.
  • Make sure you’re not wasting your time at the dealership.
  • Learn how to see what other people are paying for the same car.
These 10 tips will help you have a better overall car buying experience, and hopefully save you time and money!
"Oren and Kim are the best! I originally went to them because I just did not want to deal with the hassle of buying a new car on my own. But a huge unexpected bonus (for me) was how much money I saved.”
~ Stefan F.
"This is my second time using the services provided by Oren and the team at Authority Auto, and I will use them many, many more times.  The services AA provides are invaluable and priceless.  I just cannot recommend them enough.”
~ Ryan Q.
"Once you've worked with Authority Auto, I can almost guarantee you will always want to partner with them, from then on, for ALL your vehicle needs.”
~Voltaire P.
Save yourself a ton of headaches and stress and hire Oren and his team to represent you in buying a vehicle. He is a pro. And you will come out way ahead. Well worth the very reasonable fee he charged. Hire him. Just do it.”
~ Dan D.
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