Improve Your Deal

We Can Take Your Best Deal and Get You One Better! 100% Free Consultation. 


Here is how our 'Improve Your Deal' system works:

  • You go and get the best possible final offer on your own.
  • Contact us for a FREE Improve Your Deal consultation.
  • Our team will get to work and see if we can improve the deal.  
  • If we get you a better deal we split the difference of what was saved.
  • If we cannot improve your deal at least you get a free second opinion from experts and know you got the best deal possible on your own.


You have absolutely nothing to lose!


For example, if we improve your deal by $2,000, our fee would be $1,000 and your net savings would be a $1,000 more from what you thought was the best deal.

If we save you $5,000 our fee would be $2,000 and your net savings would be $3,000. If we cannot beat your deal, you pay us nothing.

 Regardless of what we save you, our fee will not exceed $2,000.00.


Just provide a copy of a written quotation from your dealer, including all fees, taxes and MSRP; Authority Auto will split the difference of what we save you from your best deal. 


NOTE: Improve Your Deal option is only available if hired specifically for that service.


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