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A Message from Our President

Hello, my name is Oren Weintraub, my promise to you is that my staff and I will utilize all of our abilities, connections, perseverance and tenacity to ensure that you will enjoy the experience of buying or leasing a new car while being protected from paying more than you have to and from the common aggravation associated with buying a car on your own.


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 About Authority Auto

Authority Auto is a car-buying consulting agency that locates, negotiates and delivers extremely competitive prices on all types of cars for our clients, new or pre-owned. Through our extensive knowledge of auto sales and state-of-the-art customer service, we take the stress out of the car-buying experience and provide significant savings of both time and money. Unlike other brokers, we always look out for your best interests and eliminate possible conflicts by not accepting any form of compensation from car dealerships.

Authority Auto puts the experts in your corner.

Oren Weintraub founded Authority Auto after 12 years working in one of the top Ford dealerships in the nation. He started out as a salesman, became a sales manager and eventually was promoted to general sales manager. Since 1994, he has developed into one of the top negotiators in the automobile industry.

Over the years, Oren watched far too many buyers pay way more money than they needed to because they were out-negotiated by the dealerships. Recognizing the disadvantage and frustration that most buyers have when negotiating their own deal, he realized that there was a tremendous need for today’s buyer to have their own expert negotiator.

Oren has always felt a tremendous loyalty to his clients and a strong desire to help them. With Authority Auto, he is able to fulfill this mission by contributing his extensive industry experience as an advocate for all car buyers.


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We're Revolutionizing the Car-Buying Process

Buying a car should be a joyful and exciting experience. Unfortunately, for most people the buying process is no fun at all, what with the hours of research, multiple dealer visits, comparing prices, endless negotiating, countless pressure tactics and, in the end, still wondering if you got a good deal.

Frankly, when you buy a car on your own, the odds are stacked against you—because automobile dealers negotiate every day, while the average person only buys a car once every 3 or 4 years. That is why your own personal car buying agent is a must have for the best deal!



With Authority Auto, you will get the exact car you want at the best possible price and enjoy the most pleasurable car buying experience you have ever had!

Why spend more effort and money than necessary when buying a car? We have consistently achieved impressive results for our clients, saving them significant expenses and hassles while providing state-of-the-art customer service at every step.



You may have heard of car brokers who claim to get you the best price on a car. At first glance, this seems like a great solution—you save money without paying a fee. But look closer: the broker gets paid an undisclosed commission by the dealer, creating a tremendous conflict of interest. Where is the broker’s loyalty?


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Authority Auto exclusively represents YOU—the Buyer-to eliminate conflicts of interest and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf.

When you hire Authority Auto, we look out only for your best interest with trust and integrity. We will locate the new car you want, use our leverage to get you an incredible deal and coordinate the entire process from A to Z-while never accepting any type of commission from a dealer!



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