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Eric G.

Posted by Oren Weintraub on Jan 14, 2015 10:55:41 AM

I have been meaning to write this since spring but I wouldn't be me if I didn't take a long time to do anything. 

I put buying a car right up there with dentists  visits, surgery, getting mugged or almost earning a Darwin Award! I wish this business had been around much longer for my other car buying painful experiences but they are now and I am a happier human for it too. 

I found a link to them via a edmunds.com article as I was researching my next car. I emailed them and was called the following day. I dealt with Dana, she's is a hoot and gave me great comfort knowing she would be dealing with the devil (sorry I mean car sales folks ) instead of me. I hate the entire process I have had to endure in the past. Not this time my friends, not this time. 

It goes like this, Dana my hero, I want this this this and or this this and that. She reads it back, I say I have a trade in of this species and these are the specs of said faithful but tired servant. 

I pay a get out of sales pitch pardon fee (gladly paid I might add) and she says ok I will be in touch in a few days.

Keep in mind Superhero Dana is located in California while I am located in North Carolina. She found me my brand new 2014 Prius 4, silver in color, sun roof , leather the list goes on. I knew what a fair price was already, I further knew what my trade in was worth. Given their fee for jumping over tall buildings in a single bound the numbers still have to add up to saving me money no matter how much I despise going to the dentist I still go, right!

The math, deal price for the new car lower than expected, purchase price for my trade in was higher than expected, personal time start to finish writing emails and a few phone calls I would say two hours max. 

Next, go to dealership test drive said car, yup I love it but as I told Dana if they start wheeling and dealing with me I will get in my very functional car and leave. No sale! Not one word about money or blah blah blah was done. All of this Dana took care of on my behalf, she's working for only me in this deal which was also a big source of comfort. Test drive done , I take pics of the contract that Dana reviews in real time (think on call during the entire process just for me) contract as agreed and approved by Dana. I still have to spend thirty some min, please sign here and here and here and omg I hate being here. After I signed my contracts I am handed the keys and the salesman says we always ring this bell for new cars sold. My answer to this, you do and you will see the fastest return of a new car in your dealerships history. 

And just like that: I'm a new owner of a beautiful new car (cough 50mpg) and it was the most painless car buying experience of my 43 years of existence!

To Dana you rock from my point of view and you have a new life long customer. As for my salesperson he didn't seem to be very thrilled with you at all. He was polite but mentioned several times what a tough negotiator you were ( internal chuckle), oh I'm sorry you had to deal with my new friend sir, she really is very kind to me...maybe you were trying to be dishonest or something along those lines. Hmmmm

Summary: worth every single penny for their service fee. I saved money even after considering their fee, not a few dollars either a few grand ! This beat my corporate employee discount with that dealership also ! Almost zero stress event ( I am going into debt ya know ) 

So hats off to you Ms. Dana and company, your business plan is long over due and greatly appreciated by myself and others like me I'm sure. 

Thank you ,

Eric G.
Chapel Hill, NC

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