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Made The Process Completely Painless

I've used Authority Auto for three cars, and I'll use them for the fourth. Oren made the process completely painless. He found a great car, arranged a test drive, negotiated a great price, handled the financing paperwork, and arranged to have the car delivered to me. I didn't have to deal with driving to different dealers, finding a car, all the b.s. involved in haggling with the salesmen. That alone was worth the fee. Even better, the savings he negotiated far exceeded the cost of the service. The best testimonial I can offer is that I have referred friends and colleagues to Authority Auto as well.
– David P

Here's Where Authority Auto Steps In

Let me start by saying this: I work in sales and I've been fortunate throughout my career. Accordingly I consider myself a very good negotiator. The thing is, a good negotiator knows the most important thing is to operate with complete information. I do not have complete information about the auto industry but I know there are plenty of clever ways to structure a deal that appears fair but is actually tipped significantly in the dealer's favor.

Here's where Authority Auto steps in, and specifically in my case their agent Kim. Authority Auto negotiates your car deal for you - they have the domain expertise to save you serious cash, and you get the bonus of a white glove treatment as a buyer. They set the appointments, they negotiated the contract, they approved the financing, and they reviewed the documents with me as I was signing. Kim saved me thousands on my Audi S6. If you're buying a less expensive car it will surely be less, but without a doubt it will cover their fee and you owe it to yourself to discover the wonders of a serious concierge service like this.

This is the equivalent of having a shark of a friend in the business. I will never buy a vehicle again without calling Kim first. Give him a call and just see what he can do for you...
– Mohammad O.

I Cannot Say Enough Good Things

I cannot say enough good things about working with Oren and his colleagues at Authority Auto. My husband and I have now leased two cars each through Authority, and my father (a stickler for getting the very best deal possible) is another happy customer. Oren is knowledgeable, focused, principled, quick to respond, and always there as an adviser and advocate for his clients. Not only do I feel I've gotten the best lease rates possible because of his connections and negotiating skills; the process has taken me virtually no time, and each new car has been delivered--and the old car picked up--at no extra cost. I wish everything in life was as simple as Oren has made car leasing for me.

– Sheri B.

It's Well Worth It

Why would you try to buy or lease a car on your own? You need an advocate -- who is 100% on your side --- to get the car you want at the best possible price. Your advocate is Authority Auto.

I just had Oren and his staff get 2 cars leased for me! Both cars were higher levels than I thought I could get for the money, so I got more features and benefits. They were delivered to my home with all the paperwork ready and easy to complete. It couldn't have been easier and I could never have gotten such a deal on my own.

The people of Authority Auto put every possible effort into getting the vehicle you really want, and finding a something that's more than you were hoping you could afford, and getting it for far less than you could do on your own -- and doing it while you are working, staying at home, or anything else rather than running around trying to find a car, figure out financing, or trying to negotiate a deal.

Oren and his wonderful team of people are professional, courteous, and diligent. They make you feel like you're the only one they are working for. The amount you save by having Authority Auto make a deal for you is much more than the fee you pay for the service --- it's well worth it.
– Jon G.

A Service That Is Far Above The Rest

From the very first call to the last two checkup calls after the car was delivered nothing but professionalism. Oren and his team have a service that is far above the rest, it really makes buying your next car so easy. Arranged all the financing and transport of the car to our house. Thanks for all of your help and making it such a smooth, painless process. This is the fifth car our family has bought through Oren and we will continue coming back!
– Kyle L.

Oren And His Team Are Incredible

Oren and his team are incredible. I have relied on Authority Auto for 7 cars over the years and each experience has been terrific. The service is impeccable and for anyone who values their time...there is no smoother process than leasing or buying a car with Authority Auto. Most importantly, you will not get a better deal on your car..anywhere...or with anyone else. For the first couple of cars I grinded dealers on my own and no matter how far I took them...Authority Auto was able to come in and crush the deal! I have referred Authority Auto to nearly 10 friends and all share the same experiences. Top to bottom...Authority Auto is your most talented advocate.

– Jennifer G.

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