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Should You Use a Car-Buying Concierge?
Before we were willing to endorse car-buying expert Oren Weintraub, president of Authority Car Buying Specialists, we wanted to put him to the test.
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Secrets of a Professional Negotiator 
The energy is electric in the offices of Authority Auto in Sherman Oaks, California. That's because Authority's president, Oren Weintraub, is doing what he loves: negotiating car deals and saving money for his clients. 
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Secrets of an Ace Negotiator, Part II 
A young serviceman went into an Infiniti dealership and stumbled out a few hours later owing more than $47,000 for a 2009 Infiniti G37x. He had also agreed to have the windows tinted and a protective treatment for the interior and exterior. Luckily, he didn't sign the contract but left to think it over. "It all happened so fast," the serviceman told Oren Weintraub, president of Authority Auto when he called to take advantage of Weintraub's company's "improve a deal" service. 
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Used Car Corner: We Use a Car Buying Concierge 
Some time ago, we did an article on using a car buying concierge. We peppered Oren Weintraub, the President of Authority Car Buying Specialists with a number of questions. Although we came away feeling that this likely makes sense for a lot of people, we hadn't actually used it, given it the acid test, as it were. Until now, that is. 
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Weekly Top 3: Things I Learned From Using a Car Broker 
My husband and I needed a new (used) car. I was reluctant to start the process because of all the unknowns buying a used car can bring with it. You can read the nutshell of our experience using car-buying concierge service Authority Auto over on our sister blog, Edmunds Daily, but there were a few things that stood out for me about the broker experience that really opened my eyes. 
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Where Does the Car Dealer Make Money? 
"Follow the money," is good advice for someone trying to understand the hidden side of any business. Nowhere is this more important than on a car lot. Rows of shiny new cars on a dealer's lot make consumers believe that's where the big money is. But if you follow the trail of dollars, it leads in a surprising direction. And knowing where the profit is will make you a better shopper. 
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