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Oren Weintraub of Authority Auto on ABC News!

Posted by Jessi Meehan

Oren was recently featured on ABC News as an expert negotiator. In this short clip, Oren covers some of the most important aspects of the car buying experience.

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Beware of Dealer Solicitations!

Posted by Oren Weintraub

It’s not uncommon for a dealer to send out letters stating that they need your car because they are short on pre-owned inventory.

Lately, we’ve seen some dealers offer current lease customers an opportunity to get out of their lease into the same NEW car with no money down and keeping their payment the same.

While this very well could be a good opportunity, it’s still VERY important to do the research if it’s ACTUALLY THE BEST DEAL.

We had a dealer offer this to us for one of our clients and Authority Auto was able to improve the solicited offer by more than $3,400!

That’s a lot of money!!!

That money should be in YOUR pocket. Not the dealers.

If you are ever presented one of these solicitations from a dealer, we invite you to present the offer to us so that we can do the research, as your consumer advocates, to see if it really is a good opportunity.

Wishing you the most wonderful holiday and New Year,

Oren Weintraub and all of us at Authority Auto


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